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minga et ketshekama

charity 23
© Nathalie Waridel

The Democratic Republic of Congo holds more than 50% of the water resources of the African continent. However, successive crises and low public investment to improve WASH infrastructures have made it difficult for the population to access proper water. The infrastructures in the Sankuru Province are in a dilapidated state, with 77.7% of the population having only limited access to an unprotected, thus potentially contaminated, water source. Poverty in the province is multidimensional, and open defecation is recurrent.

We are working with a local partner to improve the situation, Avenir des Enfants de Sankuru, and many partners in Kinshasa. We aim to improve the water, hygiene, and sanitation situation within two schools in Minga and Ketshekama, two remote villages in the province. In addition, we are helping to renovate these two schools, so that the pupils can access decent school facilities. The project will start in 2023. 

charity 23