Projet AEPHA – Cameroon 

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Center Region Cameroon 

© Nathalie Waridel

We have designed a three-year pilot project to improve access to these infrastructures. In addition to infrastructure, we support the development of income-generating activities linked to increased access to water, such as agriculture and soap-making. In addition, we also support the villagers in their capacity-building to take over control of these infrastructures. Finally, we are organizing awareness campaigns related to handwashing and diarrhea prevention in the villages and schools.

Having been present in Cameroon for various years, we have just conceived a new project with a partner called Alternatives Durables pour le Développement, who’s been firmly rooted in Cameroon Central Region for the past 25 years. The villages in these areas have very restricted access to high-quality water. More than 50% of the inhabitants have to walk at least 15 minutes a day to find the first water source, which is often not drinkable! In addition, access to sanitation and hand hygiene facilities is particularly limited in these villages’ health centers and schools. It leads to an increase in diarrhea among children under five, high mortality rates, an increase in school absenteeism, and a decrease in economic income, the latter being even worst during dry periods when the size of the rivers decreases.

© Nathalie Waridel