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The need for good water and sanitation is widely recognized as an essential component of social and economic development. The Forum Angolais de Réflexions et d’Actions (FARA) is carrying our project in Angola. This project aims to build a water collection chamber in the Lueka River and to bring it to the village of Mbanza-Kinzau in the municipality of Damba. Our planned activities meet certain needs. These needs are the most crucial ones expressed by the population and particularly by the children of the village elementary school. 

The project also aims to treat the water of the river, to train the population in the management of drinking water in this rural environment and to sensitize them to hygiene. This is done with the help of The Drop® eco-sanitary tap. None of the four communes in the municipality have a drinking water treatment and supply system. This project is a great start to a change of mentality and behaviour in rural areas.

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