our VALUeS


We focus on social and solidarity-based development that places people at the center of the process and emphasizes human relationships.

We aim at the social inclusion of all people in our projects, so that they are resilient and united in their life context, regardless of their community, religion, sex or any other element that could be a way for them to be discriminated.


We believe that each project is different and deserves special attention.

That’s why we plan each project carefully and are committed to developing quality projects at both technical and managerial levels.

Innovation, collaboration and learning

We take a participatory approach to our projects, knowing that the best experts are our partners, as well as the beneficiaries.

We believe that close and horizontal collaboration with local partners, whether independent, associative or institutional, is essential.


Transparency and integrity are essential values for ADED, which we believe translate into a relationship of trust not only with donors and other financial partners, but also with our local partners.